Sump Pump Medic, Inc. specializes in sump pump systems, battery back-up systems, flood control, and waterproofing, including foundation crack repairs, drain tile systems, crawl space encapsulations, and other seepage conditions.

For over ten years, thousands of homes and businesses in the Chicago area have benefited from our service by having their water problems fixed right the first time!

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To help you assess and further understand your potential problem and find the most cost-effective solutions, see our Frequently Asked Questions and our Assessing Basement Seepage & Flooding Conditions table.

Healthy pump equipment contributes greatly to a dry basement and peace of mind!

Here are a few facts that you need to know:

  • Most sump and sewage ejector pump failure is due to the switch, and not the pump itself.
  • Many homeowners realize the importance of a battery backup system; unfortunately, they usually install inferior plastic systems that provide nothing more than a false sense of security.
  • Sump pump equipment should be maintained and serviced at least once a year, including batteries. Do not wait until your basement floods! (See our self-service schedule for instructions on checking your pump equipment.)
  • Choose your pump equipment wisely. Make sure it accommodates your individual needs and protects against the worst-case scenario.
  • A high-water alarm is the most effective warning of failed equipment and potential flooding.


“Water will enter the house for different reasons; some are big while some are small. They are almost all a sign that you have water around your foundation. Get the right solution for what you need.”

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