Yearly Inspections

Your sump pump is a very important piece of equipment for the health of your home. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to forget about, usually resulting in poor, unhealthy conditions for the home, if not flooding it!

Like furnaces, air conditioners and other appliances of the home, we recommend a yearly service visit for all your sump pumps, sewer ejector pumps, and battery back-up equipment.

In doing this simple step, we would like to think you stay well ahead of deteriorating equipment conditions and are more involved with the operation and health of your pumping equipment.

On our yearly service visit, we will physically run and activate all of your sump pump equipment and check all operating conditions including:

  • Check sump pump power consumption compared to actual power rating.
  • Obtain readings from the pump to help determine the conditions of the pump seals and pump motor.
  • Check the sump pump motor for a good mechanical ground.
  • Clean and remove debris from pit basin, as well as ensuring all switches and check valves are working properly and there are no potential problems or conditions that may lead to any trouble.
  • Test run and simulate conditions for your battery back-up system as well.

Upon completion, we will provide you with a full detailed report of all your pumping equipment.

Hopefully this will give you a better understanding on the demands of your sump pump system and any potential threatening conditions.

In most cases, these service calls are 1-2 hrs depending on the equipment involved. A simple, easy investment to help ensure all your pumping equipment can maintain a long and healthy life...and will provide the protection you need, when you need it!

We will match or beat our competitors written estimates, so call for a free consultation and evaluation today!


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