Parcel Pipe / Yard Pipe Installations

These systems are required when your yard is holding excessive water during or after severe storms have passed through.

Like drain tile systems, the concept is the same: Install a pipe network to absorb the water and control its course. If your yard has some elevation or pitch, this can be done so allowing gravity to do all the work for you, requiring no pump motor to discharge the water away.

However, if your property is at the low end and it seems all around you is higher than your yard, then you’re probably a candidate for a lift station, which requires a pump motor to do the job.

Both systems can involve a series of drain boxes, grates and vents to ensure the proper flow of water. If installed properly, they can give you years of dependable use!

See work-in-progress photos below of a yard pipe installation project.

Some outfits may recommend “dry fields” to be installed. This involves a large hole to be dug into the yard along problem areas, or by sump pump discharge lines, and then filled with stone and gravel. The idea is OK for light rain fall, however, in extreme storms, the water seeks its own level and these dry fields become reservoirs, and are ineffective.

Water control and flood prevention is our specialty!

Here are several work-in-progress photos of a parcel pipe / yard pipe installation project:






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