Sump Pit Basin Installations

The sump pit basin is an area where all the ground water is collected in a pit opening, then the sump pump will discharge the water when necessary. (See work-in-progress photos of a sump pit basin installation below.)

Most homes today have a standard pump pit basin liner, but there are many types that can differ in material and construction. In new homes built today, they are almost all plastic, and in commercial applications they are plastic as well as metal, fiberglass or concrete.

In most sump pit basin installations, due to the materials used and the way it's installed, the only water that is effectively brought to the pit basin is through the drain tile itself. What remains may be a potential water table that still exists under the floor within the home's foundation footings.

Here's the problem: We have found that most contractors building homes have used the only pit basins available to them which, unfortunately, never had a great design. The black corrugated plastic pit that tapers down to the base, which shortens the real estate at the bottom, leaves no room for multiple pumps.

The other common pit is the standard plastic ejector pit, which is smooth inside and a bit deeper, but still won't accommodate multiple pumps. Either pit will not allow for the surrounding water table to freely enter the pit basin.

In conditions where you are needing to move a lot of water with multiple pumps, or are having excessive pump activity and a high water table presence, you may consider having a more suitable sump pit basin installed.

Within one day, we can replace your existing sump pit basin with an updated sump pit basin. Our team will first break open the surrounding area with an electric breaker hammer, then expose the loosened material and continue to dig out and excavate the necessary hole to accommodate the 24" base plus a generous open area around and an additional 6" gravel base (not just the pit basin holds the water but the hole itself).

The new basin is then secured with larger concrete pieces and back-filled with clean gravel fill. The floor is then re-cemented level, with a dry time of approximately 3 days, leaving you with a clean, updated functional sump pit basin.

Here are several work-in-progress photos of a sump pit basin installation:



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