Pump Maintenance Service

There are a wide variety of sump pump manufactures, all with a difference in devices they use for switches to control their pump motors, to the products they use manufacturing the pumps themselves, and they would each like to have you believe their pump product is the best on Earth. However, most are NOT, and even the finest of pumps have a limited life-span. “Nothing lasts forever.”

As sump pumps age, conditions change, not only from the environment which they are protecting you, but the pumps themselves change.

Yearly pump maintenance service can save you and your home from costly flood damage, which is the direct result of a neglected sump pump and battery back-up pump system.

Pump maintenance service can give you advanced signs as the pump systems deteriorate through age. Granted, we cannot tell you when exactly it will fail; however we look at a lot of conditions for which we can determine, or recommend to you when new equipment would be necessary…prior to any flood damage!

The overall goal of our pump maintenance service is to make sure all equipment is operable including:

  • Check all additional and secondary sump pump systems.
  • Ensure that the pump themselves are operating within the manufactures specifications, and the pump motor is grounding well.
  • Perform readings to determine the condition of the submersible sump pump seals.
  • Physically run the sump pump, checking over its operation and condition for several cycles, confirming the sump pump is functional with no inconsistencies.
  • Test and cycle battery back-up pump systems, including the batteries, to determine if the battery charging unit is working properly.

Upon completion, we will provide a detailed report of our findings and inform the home owner of any potential conditions needing special attention.

We feel a homeowner that takes these steps in ensuring the sump pump systems are functioning properly is far more prepared for the rain and severe storm events than the average home.

With years of experience and an in-depth understanding of how pump systems operate, let Sump Pump Medic Inc. help you prepare for the conditions your home may face.

For further information about our services, see our self-service maintenance schedule and yearly inspection checklist.

We will match or beat our competitors written estimates, so call for a free consultation and evaluation today!


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