Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my sump pump not turn off?

In most cases this is the result of a poor or defective pump switch. Depending on the style of pump and different types of switches, a new switch should keep your same pump running again!

Why is there a loud noise when my pump is running?

The “noise” here is related to the check valve, as the water settles on the valve, a “bang” may be heard due to the standing water in the discharge pipe. Replace the check valve and consider a silent type style check valve if quiet operation is preferred.

How long does a sump pump last? When should I replace mine?

Many factors contribute to this: how often it runs; volume of water it’s required to move while operating; distance of pipe to travel to get to the exterior; whether the pipe restricted along its course of travel. Any of these conditions will have some affect on the aging of a sump pump. However, a general rule is to consider replacing a sump pump about every 5-7 years. Again, depending on its required use, it may last less or even longer. Self testing the equipment can give you a better understanding of any potential troubles.

How long can my back-up system operate?

A difficult question to accurately answer, we highly recommend a self testing regiment to fully understand your equipment’s operation and vulnerabilities here. We like to inform folks to run the system for as long as your “common” power outages last and to do this during a good storm event to compare how well it handles the inflow water rush from the storm. Be certain to remove all plugs related to pump equipment (primary sump pump as well as battery charging unit) in order to simulate an actual power outage, requiring the back-up battery to work and protect your home when needed.

What kind of battery back-up system should I get?

There are a good number of of back-up pump systems on the market today; however they are not all the same! Just as each home’s vulnerability is not the same. Try to have a good understanding of the required activity of your primary sump pump equipment and supply a back-up system that can at least compare to it! You would not want less pumping power in a power outage and heavy storm event, would you? Make certain your system can cover your worst-case scenario.


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