Drain Tile System Installations

Installation of draintile systems are required when there is no place for the water/water table to “travel” or “relief” to during storm events, resulting in a flooded basement.

Do you need a draintile System?

If you continue to flood during heavy storms, first check all window wells and gutter downspouts are extended. The point is to keep all water directed away. Also, check the foundation or have it inspected for seepage through foundation cracks.

If no evidence is found, then consider your pump system!

  • Is it functioning well?
  • Is it strong enough?
  • Has the discharge pipe been restricted or reduced?
  • Does it have to travel a long distance to exit the building?

Make sure all things function as well as possible, and test the system frequently to understand how it works and that you’re confident it will!

Be aware of evidence that leads to a required draintile system!

During heavy storms you see the area located along the floor and wall seeping, or perhaps the “floor cracks” at lower locations or in the center are wet or showing water.

This indicates there is nowhere for the approaching “water table” to go to, and therefore, it is now entering your basement.

A drain tile system will allow the approaching “water table” to be collected into the tile system and directed to a pit location for a pump to then discharge the water as needed.

Interior drain tile systems - Requires the interior perimeter of the basement floor to be broken open (approximately 16”). Then a pipe system is placed along the foundation footing and directed to a sump pit liner. The floor is re-cemented level.

Exterior drain tile systems - Works the same way, however, some additional foundation coating products are involved. Also, a lot more labor is involved because the drain tile needs to be placed along the footings at the base of the walls, requiring the exterior to be excavated.

An exterior system can only deal with the water approaching your home from the exterior and against the foundation walls.

A interior system can deal with this, as well as the water table caught within the foundation footings inside the home. (In most cases, it’s the better, more practical solution.)

Each process can be costly and are very invasive, however, easily forgotten when you have the best solution for your situation!

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