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by Robert T., Chicago, IL - 1/24/2016 (Yelp)

Recently had my sump pump replaced because it had failed.  Called Sump Pump Medic for the job.  Heather was very helpful and scheduled me in sooner than the initial appointment available.....Great!  Acey came out and tested my old sump pump, which started to work with out a problem. He said it seemed fine and that there were no real issues. The sump pump was 12 years old so I figured it was just a matter of time so I chose to replace it. Plus, I didn't want to worry that it could fail again given the typical lifespan. I asked Acey for a quote, which he gave me. Gave the OK and an hour or so later I was all wrapped up with a new, larger installed ejector pump. I'm happy with the quality of work done, materials, and all manner of professionalism. I will be calling again in the summer to have them check an additional pump.

by Robert L., Lisle, IL - 12/25/2015 (Angie's List)

Sump Pump Medic installed sump pump battery backup system. They came up within a couple of days of contacting the company.  Gave thorough estimate with many types of products.  Once I decided to go with them the pump was installed quickly and professionally. The installer took the time to explain how the system works and what he did to install it.  He also took 1 less hour than quoted to install the system so I saved money.  I would recommend the company for others.

by Yung Pyau L., Lisle, IL - 11/12/2015 (Angie's List)

Acey showed up on-time, and diagnosed the problem quickly. He offered the option just to replace the defective switch as the pump still works. Even though this is a cheaper option, I chose to replace the ejector pump with a commercial grade pump as the old pump from Home Depot was over 10 years old. Acey set 6" digital switch on pump to allow bathroom content entry due to low entry line into pit basin, and tested pump equipment to make sure everything is OK. He silicon-sealed the ejector pit cover before he left. The whole experience has been great. No hassles, and would definitely use his service again.

by Ramesh R., Naperville, IL - 9/23/2015 (Angie's List)

Remove old primary pump and replace it with a new one that customer bought. Ensure back up continues to work Member Comments: Both Acey and Ryan were very professional. Acey first came to diagnose the problem and provide a free estimate. After the work was schedueld, Ryan came to install the replacement pump. He too was very professional. I am fully satified with their work and will not hesitate to have them come back, if required.

by Tony P., Vernon Hills, IL - 8/16/2015 (Yelp)

I have original Trusty Warns back up installed by the previous owner. The main pump was also theirs and simply wasn't strong enough because there is plenty of underground water in the subdivision. Every major rain, the back up would go off with its annoying noise, mostly deep at night. I found this guy after two annual maintenance visits from the TW. He changed both, the back up pump and the main one. I haven't heard the back noise since. And his rate is more than fair.

by Sleepless S., Western Springs, IL - 7/13/2015 (Yelp)

We had Sump Pump Medic put in a sump pump back up system about a year and a half ago because our basement sometimes got water. This spring and summer of 2015 has been so very wet with constant rain and today an enormous storm. Absolutely dry basement. They were professional and helpful and did great work. They also came with a coupon for us to get money off the work, and pointed it out and made sure I used it. Five stars all around!

by Michiko K., Buffalo Grove, IL - 7/3/2015 (Yelp)

I have used Acey's help twice, he is the best plumber, pump installer around.

B T., Chicago, IL - 3/11/2015 (Yelp)

We had a sump pump ejecting directly outside the house into a buried flexible hose. The problem was the area the hose was going would saturate the area it was going to and then the water would just spill out right next to the house so the sump pump was running non-stop re-pumping the same water out over and over. Acey came out checked out the entire layout of the existing system. He gave us several options to work with. Once we chose the solution we wanted, he came back out and installed. He did a fantastic job, the water pumps to a free area, so the pump only pumps the water once so we almost never hear it pumping anymore. The quote was spot on.  Funny story, after install was finished, when he checked the system, the water pumped up and out, there is an air valve that kind of gurgles as the water drains and Acey says, 'Listen to that!"  It's like he was hearing angels sing. You can't get any better than this guy.

by Mike, Wilmette, IL - 12/29/2014 (Yelp)

I left a message on Sunday afternoon, received a call back from Acey Sunday night and Ryan was in my basement at 10am Monday. He gave me a complete explanation of how my sump pump system worked, what was wrong and what my options were. He did it all in terminology that made sense to me. In about an hour he replaced one pump, serviced another and checked out the third one. I highly recommend these guys!

by Harvey and Rachel R., Chicago, IL - 12/9/2014 (Yelp)

Had Acey here again recently, and his exceptional professionalism and thoroughness was the same as always. Cannot recommend him highly enough!

by Danielle R., Arlington Heights, IL - 10/2/2014

Working with Sump Pump Medic was easy. They called to set up the appointment a few weeks in advance. The day of our service, we got a call giving us a reminder that we would have our service done that day and gave us an exact time of arrival. The project was complete quickly. The service tech. was great and professional and got the job done.

by Jack R., Naperville, IL - 9/4/2014

Installed a new ejector pump for the furnace/dehumidifier pit. Excellent service and explanation of the situation and new pump logistics.  Quick and clean.  Probably will use again for backup sump pump.

by Michael A., Aurora IL - 7/2/2014

This is the third sump pump company I have used in the past 14 years. He is OUTSTANDING.  Great service. Competitive pricing. Excellent product and installation. I will always use him in the future.  The best thing about him was that he knew his craft and was willing to listen to our needs. Highly recommended..

by Trip O., Glen Ellyn, IL - 6/30/2014 (Yelp)

Our main pump went down on us and Acey came out in the middle of the night to switch out the pump.  He was quick, professional and despite it being past midnight, willing to hang around to give us a quote on some system upgrades our house desperately needs.  The guy could have ripped us off as we nearly flooded after tonight's huge storm, but he didn't.  Will recommend this guy to anyone needing some honest help with waterproofing or sump needs.

by Debbie A., Highland Park, IL - 6/30/2014

We have used Sump Pump Medic on several occasions. For service and maintenance they are punctual, professional and  knowledgeable. I had an issue with my sump back-up system earlier this year. They diagnosed the problem and were able to determine that is was under warranty, and replaced it for no charge. I so appreciate their honesty and their genuine interest in helping to solve the problem

by Matthew W., Vernon Hills, IL - 6/22/2014 (Yelp)

OI had water in my crawl space and contacted Sump Pump Medic on a Friday afternoon and spoke to Acey Sell, the owner.  Acey was very informative and scheduled my appointment for the next day.  Acey's technician, Ryan, called about 20 minutes before arriving at my house at 8:30 the next morning and installed my new sump pump within the hour.  Ryan thoroughly explained everything he was doing and was very helpful in writing up an estimate for a back-up sump if I wanted one installed in the future. This company really impressed me with their promptness, knowledge and ability to complete the job effectively and efficiently, and most of all, their very competitive prices.  I will definitely use this company again in the future and recommend them to anyone with sump pump problems. Thanks Acey and Ryan for everything!

by Dave K., Wheaton, IL - 1/23/2014 (Yelp)

After having my basement flood for the second time I was desperate to find a reputable company to come into my house, evaluate my current situation, and make a reasonable recommendation for a solution.  After researching the big name waterproofing companies (and seeing their poor reviews) I came across Sump Pump Medic.  I am very happy that I chose Acey to work on my house. He knows his stuff,  does great work, cleans up when he leaves, is available at any time, and will stand behind his work.  What more can you ask for?   I would recommend Sump Pump Medic every time.

by Jeremy T., Chicago, IL - 10/1/2013 (Yelp)

Acey was great. Considerate, informative, patient, friendly. Very professional. He took the time to explain all options for my situation. He installed a new pump in an efficient manner and stayed to test it a few times until I felt comfortable. Definitely recommend.

by Chris R., Bartlett, IL - 8/14/2013 (Yelp)

Acey was honest and very informative when it came to our sump pumps. Thank you very much for running such a quality business!

by Sam M., Schaumburg, IL - 2/22/2013 (Yelp)

Acey was professional, clean and worth every penny! Highly endorsed.

by Miguel A., Berwyn, IL - 2/21/2013 (Yelp)

Great  experience. Called Acey after reading the positive reviews on his work. He showed up on time and discovered a problem with the plumbing.  He immediately got me in touch with a plumber and offered a sump pump solution to consider when I was ready to move forward. He declined to charge me anything for the visit saying he didn't do any work.  Acey gets high marks for his integrity, trustworthiness, and professional manner. I will certainly be calling him to replace the sump pumps when the time comes.

by Michael B., Chicago, IL - 2/10/2013 (Yelp)

Acey did a terrific job. Today (it is a Sunday) my wife noticed that we had some backup in the shower downstairs.  Turned out to be a sump pump issue. On a non business day and with no appointment, Acey was at our house in less than 2 hours ready to address our issue.  He was thorough, professional and his work was very high quality. His prices were reasonable (for an emergency) and he solved the problem quickly. I highly recommend Sump Pump Medic.  We will bring him back for periodic inspections.

by Cheryl B., Chicago, IL - 12/6/2012 (Yelp)

I knew nothing about sump pumps before Acey showed up but boy was I well informed when he left!  He took his time to really evaluate the condition of the sump pump, showing and explaining everything he did along the way! He helped me determine I really didn't need to replace the pump yet. Showed me how to handle things if problems did occur.  Never tried to sell me with more than I needed and even threw in a water level detector for free which certainly gives me more peace of mind since we have older equipment.   I highly recommend and will always contact him in the future!!!

by Robert O., Chicago, IL - 11/20/2012 (Yelp)

Really like Acey. He seems honest and thorough. Have had him by twice for regular check-ups, and will continue the practice.

by Will P., Chicago, IL - 7/28/2012 (Yelp)

It's great to do business with someone who is knowledgeable, responsive and does great work. Our ejector pump died on a Friday night and Acey reworked his schedule  to come out on Saturday. As soon as he looked in the closet, he pointed out an issue with battery backup configuration. Acey replaced the pump, explained everything and was very thorough. My experience with Sump Pump Medic sets the bar for what good service should feel like.

by J P., Chicago, IL - 11/9/2011 (Yelp)

Acey provided a solution that stopped us from flooding. We had been through several plumbers and pumps and continued to flood. When the only solution others were offering included expensive construction to dig an additional pit, Acey recommended a higher throughput pump others said didn't exist for a pit our size. He really took time to explain his solution and installed a piggyback pump so we have a backup in the event of our initial pump failing. When we had the heaviest rain in decades during summer 2011, we stayed perfectly dry. I would hire Acey again in an instant and highly recommend him.

by Harvey and Rachel R., Chicago, IL - 9/3/2011 (Yelp)

Acey is a true professional and very committed to his work. He takes the time to explain things and to do them right. It's so refreshing to meet a professional who seems to enjoy their job and be as concerned as the homeowner about solving issues and making it right. I would recommend him without any hesitation. Thank you Acey!

by Anthony Z., Chicago, IL - 8/29/2011 (Yelp)

Acey came to my house tonight and gave me a quote on installing a sump pump as well as different options to stop seepage in the wall. He was very patient and didn't give us any undue pressure. I trust his integrity and would like to do business with him..

by Anthony Z., Chicago, IL - 8/19/2011 (Yelp)

Acey is the real deal.  In a semi-emergency situation, he was at my place in a couple of hours, rapidly took care of the acute issues at hand, and replaced my old back up battery and dead pump. He even threw in a free high water level detector for free. He really knows what he is doing, and would not hesitate to use him in the future or recommend him to anyone in need.

by Stacy T., Chicago, IL - 7/16/2011 (Yelp)

Needed emergency service and they came out the next day and installed a new system in an hour at a reasonable price. Very nice, trustworthy folks.

by Ali T., Chicago, IL - 12/14/2010 (Yelp)

When my sump pump suddenly failed one morning, Sump Pump Medic was the only company that offered to come by that same day. Acey is a thorough professional that knows what he's doing. Within an hour, he was able to quickly diagnose the cause of the sump pump failure (bad switch), offer sound recommendations, and replace and test the sump pump. He also provided me with excellent maintenance tips. They work later hours which is nice because you don't have take off work to schedule an appointment. Highly recommended for sump pump maintenance issues.

by Brian W., Chicago, IL - 11/17/2010 (Yelp)

As a new homeowner I called Sump Pump Medic because I was concerned about the condition and effectiveness of my sump pump. Acey drove to my northwest suburban location on a Saturday afternoon, which was extremely convenient for me. When he arrived he offered to wear protective booties over his work shoes, which was very considerate but unnecessary as the path to my sump pump is just a few steps inside the door. Once inside he diagnosed the situation, took time to explain what was happening with the pump, and made some great recommendations. He thoroughly cleaned out the pit and the pump which was covered with clay-like debris. I was extremely impressed with his written summary of the service visit and the pre-printed materials he provided. Above all else he treated everything inside and outside of my home with extreme care as if it was his own. The quality of service was top notch. I would recommend Sump Pump Medic to anyone who needs this type of service.

by C. B., Fox River Grove, IL - 7/27/2010 (Yelp)

I have a sewage grinder pump installed on my property by Metropolitan Industries. The system was acting up and I was referred to Sump Pump Medic by Metroplitan. The service was quick and Acey was very friendly. Acey determined that the pump was working fine and the floaters were malfunctioning. He corrected the problem quickly. I will use their services again if the need arises (which I hope it doesnt though!)

by J. S., Chicago, IL - 7/25/2010 (Yelp)

Acey came over very quickly and was extremely professional. Very knowledgeable about sump pump systems, made some good suggestions about improving drainage as well. Replaced my pump, didn't try to oversell me, but had a good inventory of storm pros. All in all a great experience and I would recommend him again. Charged me $85/hr labor, no service charge for coming out.

by Erik H., Elmhurst, IL - 7/23/2010 (Yelp)

I chose Sump Pump Medic for regular maintenance of our pumps and backup systems due to favorable reviews online. The service was thorough, efficient, and reasonably priced. Sump Pump Medic has experience with Trusty Warns systems -- but charges a fraction of what Trusty Warns does. Acey Sell was a pleasure to deal with and clearly knows what he is doing. For urgent matters he can be reached by mobile phone at 847-708-6987

Sump Pump Medic by Bob in Addison - 11/21/2009

I had him install a new pump to my sump pump pit and re-route the piping and also added a release valve outside for a connection to release the water another way if needed. Acey, the guy that came out, was very patient and knowledgeable about different options he offered me. Belive me, this is the guy you want, plus he cleans up when he is done. A very competent person that does top notch work, he's your guy.

by David - 10/26/2009

Incredible knowledge of sump pumps and waterproofing. This guy is truly a specialist. I've had several plumbers and water proofers in my home and no one could solve my water problem. One call to the Sump Pump Medic was all it took. Acey is a great person to deal with and is highly recommended. Fast, Courteous, and very helpful!

by bmcgee - 10/24/2009

We had a sump pump failure in a finished basement on a saturday night. Within 1.5 hours, we had service and the serviceman was excellent! The prices fit in exactly with what we expected to pay. He replaced the sump pump on the spot, and gave us options in the future for backup systems. He answered all questions, including helping me identify and trace the route our drainage took (hidden under the deck). He gave helpful advice on what to do next to handle the water damage. I couldn't have wished for a better experience, especially in a frantic time for a homeowner.

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