Custom Installations

A standard installation consists of a sump pump discharge pipe to be completed within 20 feet from the sump pump to the exterior where the water is displaced.

In most homes, the pit basin liner is usually located at the corner of the home or perhaps along one of the exterior foundation walls, allowing for a simple “up & out” discharge pipe installation for the sump pump.

However, a custom installation may be needed when crawlspaces are involved, new foundation additions have been added, or you just need to relocate the pipe from its current location. And in most cases when installing a battery back-up system, you may need the water displaced at a different location through its own dedicated discharge pipe.

Other conditions that require a custom installation are when the sump pump system is discharged into the sanitary sewer system. All may be right and well during normal conditions; however in heavy storm, this sewer system may overload, leaving no room for additional water to enter. A custom installation of an “automatic relief” pipe network can be installed to allow an alternate exit out for the water that’s overloading the sewer system, ensuring your pump system can continue to discharge the water as necessary.

Creating these dedicated pipe networks with unrestricted proper flow and adequate support is a specialty of ours. Rarely is there a building for which we cannot create these conditions.

“Everything is possible, it’s just what’s involved to get it there.”

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