Battery Back-up Pump Systems

We find this to be very serious business, which can be easily overlooked by your average plumber or even your builder.

We feel every home should have this protection.

Back-up pump systems are not all alike. Their performance and operation can differ greatly. The concept doesn’t change, however, the mechanics are not the same.

D/C Back-up Pump System

This involves a stand-by pump to be used in the event of power loss. The D/C pump will use the battery power to run and discharge the water as necessary.

With D/C pump systems, it’s important to understand the pump is running off of the battery, and as the battery weakens, so does the pumps performance. Therefore, in long extended heavy rain falls, you would want to make sure this system is more than capable for your needs. Also, test these systems regularly to insure they operate properly. We have found that when D/C pumps are not operated regularly, they tend to seize up. Then when needed, they are frozen and fail, resulting in a flooded basement.

The following illustration shows a typical flood control installation utilizing a D/C back-up pump system:

Typical flood control installation

A/C Back-up Pump System

This system is meant to run your regular household sump pump (110 volt), using the same batteries as a D/C system. However, there is an inverting unit to help provide power running your regular (110 volt) sump pump. This can be a more reliable system due to the mechanics involved and the character of A/C systems.

With your regular household sump pump, it’s rated to take a certain amount of energy to run in order to discharge the amount of water it can. That doesn’t change, as long as there’s power, it can continue to operate. Although there are other things to consider when using this back-up pump system, and each home requires its own unique fit. Each homes vulnerability is not the same.

Additionally, the discharge pipes for these back-up pump systems are something that needs to have a good amount of attention. This will play a very important role when your system is required to operate.

We highly recommend a separate, independent discharge line for any back-up pump system!

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